Friday, December 25, 2009


Wow, I think I have forgot about the blogging world for a while. As you all know the last update was in May. I have posted some new pictures to kind of sum up the past months. This blogging business takes so much time! I hope everyone had a Great Christmas. Where does the time go?!?! I can not believe my baby boy turns 4 tomorrow. He is so excited to be 4 because that means he can go to pre-school. I wish the best for everyone in 2010.
We went to see Santa at the Carousel in Wahpeton, Jace was so lucky Santa carried him from the parking lot to the building!

Jace went to Minneapolis with my mom and Tom to the Ojile Christmas Party. He got to spend the night at Tommy's house, they had so much fun together! This was the first trip without mom or dad that Jace got to go on.

Go Vikings!!!!!

Jace is a Vikings fan! He's got Vikings socks and a T-shirt and wants to wear them every Sunday for Football. I would love to find him a #4 jersey but I don't think Grandpa Tom would like that too much, he's not a big fan.


We have a huge tree in out back yard that makes a mess! Jace thought it was fun to rake.
Making a big pile so he could run and jump

Jace even got grandma to run and jump!


Officer Jace


My cousin Kirsten got married this summer in Duluth. It was a beautiful wedding, we had so much fun!

Jace and Saige

Kirsten & Ryan

Jace & Saige

Jace was quite the Ladies man that night he had 3 good lines to Saige....

1. You're Pretty

2. Do you want to Dance

3. I have money (he had change in his pocket)

He was a dancing Machine

The Ellingson Family

The Boys

Caleb, Ryan, Reid, Angus, Erik,

Cameron, Amos, my dad, Jace, Chris, Grandpa, Mike

Leesa, Molly, Kirsten, Saige, Mary,

Grandma, Me, Karen, Maggie

Star Lake

Jace's first ride on a Jet Ski with Uncle Erik

He loved it and wanted to go really fast!

Papa Norman took everyone for rides

Jace, Mary & Saige

Jace, Erik & Angus


We took Jace to the Mall of America Underwater World, what a neat place!

Jace was so excited to see the Jellyfish, he wanted to catch them like Spongebob

The Seahorses were so cool!